Adam Newton

Prior to joining Stratagem in April 2018, Adam was employed as a Senior Parliamentary Assistant to an MLA, where he worked in the Assembly for over 10 years. Adam’s detailed insight, knowledge and understanding of Assembly processes and operation has been invaluable to a range of organisations in their political engagement.

As a Senior Consultant at Stratagem, Adam has advised organisations on how best to engage with elected representatives across the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly.

Client work has included supporting a leading housing association securing critical legislation, shaping the cancer strategy and changes to the regulatory environment on food standards in relation to the UK exit from the EU.

Adam leads on Stratagem’s Assembly Training Programme, and delivers bespoke sessions to organisations on how to engage with the Assembly, strategic communications and online campaigning.

Utilising his in-depth knowledge of the political system, Adam is able to advise organisations on how best to take forward their public affairs campaigns to deliver strategic outcomes.

Adam was an elected representative Belfast City Council from 2011 until 2023, stepping away from this role to spend more time with his family. Through this position he developed a clear understanding of the role the of local government and how best to engage.