During the current COVID-19 crisis, the pace of change in government and politics is moving quickly as our politicians need to make big decisions in a short space of time. This can be difficult to keep up with and respond to.

This is particularly the case locally given the dynamics of decisions made in London, the politics of devolution as well as the impact and influence of the shared border with the Republic of Ireland, and how these factors influence the way our parties respond.

In response to these changes, we’ve moved our public affairs and communications training online to help organisations continue to engage and place themselves as part of the solution and recovery.

Our bespoke training programme includes a range of courses designed to equip your team with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of politics, policy and public affairs. These include:

  • An introduction to public affairs
  • Engaging with Parliament during COVID-19 crisis
  • Online campaigning
  • Preparing for Assembly Committee appearance
  • How the Assembly works
  • Parliamentary legislation – How legislation works and how you can influence it
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Developing your public affairs strategy

Please contact us via the form below for more details on pricing or to reserve your place on one of our courses.