The Stratagem/ComRes MLA Research Panel for May 2016 is now open for bookings.

Secure your evidence base for the new mandate.

The first Stratagem ComRes MLA Research Panel to take the views of freshly elected MLAs will go to field on 6 May. This is the earliest opportunity for you to gain insights into the views of the new Assembly. Crucially, you will receive results and analysis during the Summer, enabling you to hit the ground running, fully informed, at the very beginning of the new Mandate.

Use the MLA Research Panel to:

  • Gain baseline understanding and support for your issues among newly elected and re-elected MLAs
  • Highlight your issues to MLAs at the outset of the new mandate
  • Inform your organisation's political engagement

We guarantee responses from 40 MLAs, and unrivalled accuracy.

Questions for this panel are anticipated to be in high demand, so early bookings are advised.

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