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18 January 2021

Recess is over, lots of homework to be done

Although it may seem that there wasn’t much of a Christmas break for politics, the Assembly officially returns from recess today. With the increasing challenges of COVID-19, a Brexit deal and the end of the transition period, alongside transfer test issues, the Assembly was recalled three times over the past few weeks, and there is no sign of any let up in the weeks and months ahead.

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11 January 2021

Happy birthday to the NI Assembly?

Three years without a government, set against the backdrop of Brexit drawing ever closer, there was a palpable sense of cautious optimism when a deal was announced this time last year by the then Secretary of State, Julian Smith, and his counterpart in the Republic, Simon Coveney, heralding a “New Decade, New Approach”.

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13 October 2020

NI's magic money tree? Budgets explained

In these times of extreme financial challenge as more and more money is required to deal with the effects of the Coronavirus, many will be wondering where exactly the magic money tree is located, and if it can bear enough fruit to see us through to the day we can consign COVID-19 to the history books.

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17 August 2020

Going for Green: Collaboration, Innovation and Green Growth

As we continue to manage the implications of a global health pandemic, focus is increasingly moving towards our rebuild and recovery efforts. Many across politics, business and the environmental sector have pointed to the potential, if not the necessity, for a green recovery.

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06 July 2020

What next for our Assembly and Executive?

As we approach the six month anniversary of the re-establishment of the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, it is fair to say that the value of our devolved institutions and the ability of our elected representatives to work together has been demonstrated daily, despite difference of opinions and approaches at times.

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