Northern Ireland Assembly

27 July 2020

Training Courses Available

During the COVID-19 crisis, the pace of change in government and politics has moved quickly as our politicians responded to the need to make big decisions in a short space of time. Organisations have been challenged with the need to respond quickly to decisions which may affect them.

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06 July 2020

What next for our Assembly and Executive?

As we approach the six month anniversary of the re-establishment of the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, it is fair to say that the value of our devolved institutions and the ability of our elected representatives to work together has been demonstrated daily, despite difference of opinions and approaches at times.

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19 June 2020

Planning during COVID

The recent COVID-19 lockdown has seen many industries forced to rapidly change the way they operate. And just as in 2008 when the last recession took hold, the planning and construction industry felt the sharp edge of the economic slowdown, so too have they been challenged by recent events.

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22 April 2020

Virtual public affairs

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, life has changed utterly and individuals, businesses and governments have had to radically change how they function in response to the global pandemic.

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