Northern Ireland Assembly

15 December 2016

Media now a crucial player in the opposition function

Given his large listener base and multi-layered approach to his own output, Stephen Nolan’s efforts in discerning the facts around the collapse of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme have surely catapulted the issue into the wider public consciousness.

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22 November 2016

Arm's-Length Bodies – what are they?

Just what is an arm's-length body and are there too many? Today's DUP motion calls for a review of the number and function of arm's-length bodies, or ALBs, so as to ‘maximise the available revenue’, but just who and what are our ALBs?

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07 November 2016

PfG Delivery Plans published - what next?

As we dissect the Programme for Government’s Delivery Plans released last week, some will be pleased that their policy issues were deemed a priority for the Executive over the next five years while others will be disappointed that they didn't quite make the cut.

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