Future Politics report published

14 November 2022 - by Anna Mercer

A paper has been published today following the first Future Politics: Delivering Effective Government conference that took place in September.

The conference was delivered by Stratagem and the John and Pat Hume Foundation. It brought together over 100 people from politics, policy, academia, business, community and the media to share ideas on how we can make government more sustainable.

Issues discussed included the operation of political institutions; the culture and architecture of public policy; the role of media and social media in political life; optimising North/South/East/West relationships in a post-Brexit world as well as culture and identity.

The paper is a collection of ideas that are respectful of constitutional aspirations on all sides and supports those discharged with the difficult task of political leadership. 

It contains proposals for next steps and will seek to build on conversations that support ideas on how we can deliver effective and sustainable government in Northern Ireland. 

The report is available HERE.