Who’s saying what? A round-up of the main #AE22 party manifestos published to date

27 April 2022 - by Roisin Burns

With seven days to go until the Polls open, the majority of parties have released their full Assembly Election 2022 manifestos. A central part of any party’s bid to secure votes come election day, this election has seen the publication of a range of 5-point plans and sectoral specific papers released in advance of full manifestos.

Commentators will often talk about ‘ground war’ and ‘air war’ of election campaigns, and the mood music of this election’s ‘air war’ has been dominated by a combination of the Protocol and constitutional politics on one hand and an array of pledges focused on the cost-of-living crisis and health on the other.

Moving beyond the headlines of £1bn for health or cost of living one off payments, we have collated a list of all the main party manifestos that have been published so far.

We will continue to update this list as remaining manifestos are published.


Alliance Party – See here

DUP - See here

Green Party – See here

People Before Profit – See here

SDLP – See here

Sinn Féin – See here

TUV – See here

UUP – See here


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