PFG - Part 2: Digging Deeper into the Outcomes

23 February 2021 - by Gráinne Walsh

Now that the Executive’s draft Programme for Government (PfG) Outcomes Framework has been published and we know more about it, let us take a closer look.

You’ll notice that some outcomes in the previous draft have been merged, slightly reworded, or omitted altogether in the new draft. For example, having more people working in better jobs is now included within the new 2021-26 draft under outcome five—everyone can reach their potential.

It will prompt the question from some, “if it’s not an outcome on its own is it at risk of being left behind or omitted?” And indeed, that is a legitimate concern. So is the question of measurement – how do we know if things are improving?  How do the outcomes relate to NISRA data?

2016-21 draft Outcomes

2021-26 Draft Outcomes Framework

We prosper through a strong, competitive regionally balanced economy


Our economy is globally competitive, regionally balanced and carbon-neutral

We live and work sustainably - protecting the environment

We live and work sustainably – protecting the environment


We have a more equal society

We have an equal and inclusive society where everyone is valued and treated with respect


We enjoy long, healthy, active lives

We all enjoy long, healthy active lives


We are an innovative, creative society, where people can fulfil their potential

Everyone can reach their potential


We have more people working in better jobs



We have a safe community where we respect the law, and each other

Everyone feels safe – we all respect the law and each other


We care for others and we help those in need

We have a caring society that supports people throughout their lives


We are a shared society that respects diversity



We are a confident, welcoming, outward-looking society


We have high quality public services



We have created a place where people want to live and work, to visit and invest

People want to live, work and visit here


We connect people and opportunities through our infrastructure


We give our children and young people the best start in life

Our children and young people have the best start in life

What you need to be asking your business/organisation/service is how are you currently evidencing your performance. What is the quality, quantity, and impact of your work? Have you began thinking strategically about how you are going to align with the framework? Critically, what are the key supporting strategies referenced in the consultation document that you need to understand or indeed shape?

  • Did the document get the outcomes right?
  • Is the draft missing critical opportunities?
  • Can you contribute towards the outcomes and are you best placed to deliver programmes?

Drawing on twenty years of supporting organisations influence public policy, including ground-breaking work on the last PfG, Stratagem can support you develop your response to this critical public consultation. From planning workshops to drafting documents, our expert team can help you create a compelling contribution to this public conversation.  

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