Bengoa Report: Key Points

25 October 2016 - by Tristen Kelso

With the much anticipated Bengoa Report published today, we take a look at the key points.

Health Minister Michelle O’Neill has delivered a statement to the Assembly on her vision for transforming health and social care in Northern Ireland over the next ten years.

The vision places a strong emphasis on primary care, augmenting general practice with multi-disciplinary teams including health visitors and district nurses.

Annual GP recruitment will be increased to 111, with an extra 12 and then 14 in the following years.

With hospitals to focus on emergency and complex care, elective care will be provided at dedicated centres similar to the model in Scotland; the Minister acknowledged that this could mean reducing waiting lists at the expense of patients travelling further.

Minister O’Neill also stressed the need for co-production engaging both users and providers in transforming services. A consultation will open next month on the expert panel recommendations for service reorganisation.

In response to questions about resource, the Minister stressed that the Executive has endorsed her vision and recognises the need for funding. She also noted that the Budget process is to take place over the coming months, and she expects that the necessary monies will be secured.

The full report published by the Department, entitled Delivering Together is available here, and Systems not Structures, chaired by Professor Bengoa, is available here