Stratagem at 20

26 January 2018

Five suspensions, four redesignations, three resignations, two electoral tsunamis in one rollercoaster of a peace process.

This year marks two decades since the landmark Good Friday/Belfast Agreement. Stratagem also reaches its 20th birthday in 2018.

To commemorate these milestones, we are curating a 12-part series of reflective pieces, from across a range of sectors, which look back on what has been achieved since 1998.

Throughout the year, we will feature insight from key voices – be they in energy, housing, the arts or beyond – many of whom have been involved in campaigning and lobbying since Stratagem first opened its doors in 1998.

We are also keen to hear from people we have worked with us in the past, including former staff, graduates of our intern programme, clients and partners as we pull together plans to celebrate 20 years of influencing political and policy change.

Stratagem has seen all sorts of political shocks, shenanigans and gridlocks, but throughout the ups and downs, ins and outs, highs and lows, the organisations working for change, progress and innovation have lit up our days. 

If you want to find out more about our ideas or would like to be involved, please feel free to contact us on 028 90 872  800 or, alternatively, you can send us an email.